Functional principal of the Turbine Flow Meter


The Turbine flow meter (axial turbine) was invented by Reinhard Woltman and is an accurate and reliable flow meter for liquids and gases. It consists of a flow tube with end connections and a magnetic multi bladed free spinning rotor (impeller) mounted inside; in line with the flow. The rotor is supported by a shaft that rests on internally mounted supports.

The Supports in Process Automatics Turbine Flow Meters are designed to also act as flow straightners, stabilizing the flow and minimizing negative effects of turbulence. The Supports also house the unique open bearings; allowing for the measured media to lubricate the bushes - prolonging the flow meters life span. The Supports are fastened by locking rings (circlips) on each end.

The rotor sits on a shaft ,which in turn is suspended in the flow by the two supports. As the media flows, a force is applied on the rotor wings. The angle and shape of the wings transform the horizontal force to a perpendicular force, creating rotation. Therefore, the rotation of the rotor is proportional to the applied force of the flow. Because of this, the rotor will immediately rotate as soon as the media induces a forward force. As the rotor cannot turn thru the media on its own, it will stop as soon as the media stops. This ensures an extremely fast response time, making the Turbine Flow Meter ideal for batching applications.

A pick-up sensor is mounted above the rotor. When the magnetic blades pass by the pickup sensor, a signal is generated for each passing blade. This provides a pulsed signal proportional to the speed of the rotor and represents pulses per volumetric unit.; and as such the flow rate too.

Our Turbine flow meters have a stainless steel body, rotor and end supports. The bearings are of Stellite and Al2O3. In combination with the overall design - The Process Automatic Turbine Flow Meters are unmatched on quality and durability.

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