The Quality Policy of ProcessAutomatic:

Processautomatic is a pioneering manufacturer of high quality flow meters. Our aim is to openly and objectively meet customer requirements with the sole purpose of aiding the customer to the correct measuring solution for their needs. Our goal is to become a leading supplier of flow meters and flow metering solutions. These goals are to be envisioned by:

  1. Mutual dialogue with the customer.
  2. Consideration to customer needs and abilities.
  3. A clear commitment by Processautomatic to comply with customer requirements.
  4. Processautomatic continually working towards improving the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Processautomatics most important asset is its customers. It is by ensuring customer satisfaction thru customer service that Processautomatic will continue to grow. Full customer satisfaction shall be achieved by:

  1. Addressing the customer in a manner that allows for a mutual dialogue and which provides consideration and understanding to customer needs and requirements.
  2. Providing products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of the customer.
  3. Delivering products and services timely and on a clearly communicated basis.
  4. Continuous contact with customers to establish customer satisfaction.
  5. Being committed to satisfying applicable requirements; both statutory and regulatory.

So as to continue to ensure complete customer satisfaction, Processautomatic will actively work to improve itself by way of the following means:

  1. To actively implement and work from the framework provided by the ISO 9001 quality management system.
  2. By working together with company employees on building a working environment based on satisfaction of mutual needs.
  3. By providing continual staff training forums – spreading new found knowledge thru discussion and training. Staff shall be actively encouraged to bring forward new ideas to new challenges.
  4. By actively and openly working together with employees and sub-contractors to find optimum solutions.
  5. By actively working towards product and service improvements by objectively and critically approaching current products and services.





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