EZ-Mag - Magnetic Flow Meter


  • Simultaneous Flow & Temperature Monitoring
  • Highly Accurate
  • Variable Design
  • Optional End-Connections
  • User Friendly
  • Durable & Robust
  • Suitability & Adaptability

The highly accurate, robust and compact EZ-Mag is a customer oriented Magnetic Flow Meter. It is capable of simultaneous temperature and flow monitoring. The design flexibility allows for a wide range of applications including food & beverage, wastewater, pharmaceutical, marine, municipal water & water management, batching ...etc . Whether installed in-house or on a vehicle, you can be assured that it is up to the task. The all new & patented design has a solid interior; allowing for industrial flanged adapters to be bolted directly onto the flow tube body - providing unmatched flexibility.

Front display can be rotated


EZ-Mag with Polymer encased transducer

Design flexibility


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