About us

Swedish quality in Flowmeters

Processautomatic is a Swedish company specialized in the manufacture of flowmeters. We provide accurate and adaptable flow measuring solutions.

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About our products

All Processautomatics products are of the highest quality.
No matter which of our products you should choose, you can be sure that it was made with care and your interests in mind.

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EZ-Mag - Magnetic Flow Meter

Simultaneous Flow & Temperature Monitoring

  • Highly Accurate
  • Variable Design
  • Optional End-Connections
  • User Friendly
  • Durable & Robust
  • Suitability & Adaptability



Turbine Flow Meter

Superior & Unique Open bearing design

Our Turbine Flow Meters have a unique open bearing design which allows the measured media to flow freely thru the bearings and therefore providing continuous lubrication. This also eliminates unwanted deposits and allows for free flow of cleaning agents during CIP.

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Please note:

Our new postal address is:

P.O. Box 128

619 02 Vagnhärad

Please send all enquires by email or by use of our on-line form.  

All enquires are answered within 3 working days.


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